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For over 50 years Kérastase have led the way in advanced hair science, elevating hair care to the status normally reserved for high-end luxury skin care.

The key values of Kérastase remain the same today: performance, expertise and personalisation.

Their innovative formulas have truly transformed the way we treat our hair. Initially a salon only brand offering professional diagnoses for all hair concerns, Kérastase transformed into a luxurious range of products with unique fragrances and sensual textures that clients could enjoy at home. A bespoke Kérastase hair-care ritual, tailored to individual hair needs to recreate that personal salon experience.

Kérastase continue to harness the finest ingredients and engineer the most effective formulas and therefore, remain the first choice for many salons and stylists across the globe.

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Kérastase believe that every woman craves and deserves exceptional hair, full of health, vitality and incredible shine. But as no women is the same, neither is her hair, so Kérastase address the variables of hair type, texture, scalp concerns as well and internal and external factors to ensure that with their expertise, Kérastase products can restore and maintain an individual’s hair to its optimum condition.

The signature 1,2,3 hair care routine of Cleanse, Treat and Prime is the cornerstone of the Kérastase ritual.

From enhanced cleansing shampoos, known as “bain” to the ever-popular conditioning treatment “Lait Vital”, with its exceptional light texture and nourishing properties; to the strengthening ability of “Ciment Thermique” that smooths and repairs whilst minimising further damage from blow drying.

Every Kérastase fan has a firm favourite, discover some of ours below, and find which range is best for you.

  • Kérastase Nutritive – Dry and Damaged Hair: Nutritive continues to be a bestselling range, as the go to solution for nourishing all levels of dry hair, from slight to severe, there are products within the Nutritive range tailored just for you. Key nutrients are delivered to the hair shaft, moisture levels are replenished, hair is left supple and irresistibly soft to the touch. Nutritive is perfect for anyone wanting to restore health and shine to their hair.

  • Kérastase Reflection – Coloured Hair: Kérastase Reflection range with its innovative Systeme Capture Advance technology helps to neutralise the external aggressors that can disrupt hair colour. Rice Bran Oil work to enhance light refraction, to provide incredible long lasting shine. UV filters protect from sun damage whilst Vitamin E provides strength and nourishment. To boost your colour further, try Touche Chromatique, an ink in care product to blend with your favourite Reflection conditioning treatment, either Fondant Chromatique for fine hair or Masque Chromatique for thick hair. This will gently revive your colour, whilst being true to the shade, and ensure colour is even by neutralising unwanted tones. If you want to maintain your vibrant, glossy, rich salon colours for longer, then reach for Reflection.

  • Kérastase Aura Botanica – Dull hair: Aura Botanica is Kérastase's latest innovation With high levels (98%) of ingredients from natural origins but still with the outstanding performance we have come to expect from Kérastase . Kérastase have developed formulas that are more respectful to the natural world, and determined to lower their environmental impact, have chosen ingredients for Aura Botanica that have a high biodegradability (average of 97%) Not only that, but Kérastase has committed to support the wellbeing of the communities that harvest the key ingredients for Aura Botanica, and by bringing revenue to the indigenous communities their unique cultures can be preserved. The Kérastase shampoo within the Aura Botanica range is developed with micellar technology that gently cleanses the hair leaving a light, airy feel. Coconut Oil is the main ingredient in the Aura Botanica range, used for its ability to penetrate and nourish deep into the hair shaft, to provide long lasting hydration. Argan oil has proved a popular ingredient in hair care for many years, due to its fluid texture and rich concentrations of omega 6 and 9, that give the hair incredible softness and shine. Sourced in Morocco as well as Iris root, another key ingredient in the Aura Botanica range.

  • Kérastase Elixir Ultime - Enhance Lustre: Achieve ultimate levels of shine with the powerful blend of 4 precious oils in this iconic Elixir Ultime range. Tailored to your hair type these luxurious oils will deeply nourish and illuminate hair, yet never weigh it down. Bestselling Kérastase Elixir Ultime Versatile Beautifying Oil Treatment, is the stand out product that customers adore, for reducing the appearance of split ends, fighting frizz and humidity and for the beautiful healthy shine it gives to their hair.

  • Kérastase Volumifique - Build Volume: For fine hair in need of a boost, Volumifique offers the solution. Elevating roots to give fine hair a thicker appearance, try Kérastase Volumifique Expansion Spray, for added oompf!

  • Kerastase Discipline - Frizzy, Curly Hair: Tame unmanageable frizz or define your natural curls with Kérastase Discipline range.

  • Kérastase Chronologiste - All Hair Types: The luxury hair-care range, created with the highest concentration of unique ingredients, to revitalise all hair types from scalp to ends. For those that desire beautifully nourished hair with lightweight shine and a soft velvet touch.

  • Kérastase Densifique - Thinning Hair: For hair that is thinning and lacking fullness, the Densifique regimen replenishes hair strands with Hyaluronic Acid and Kérastase's patented Intra-Cyclane® technology to plump and moisturise the hair shaft whist shielding from further stress enhancing their thickness to boost the density of your hair, creating more volume and body.