About the Brand

Based in Australia, INIKA is a trusted natural and organic makeup brand.

Born out of the founders’ desire to detox and remove harsh chemicals from their life, INIKA is all about offering ‘healthy’ and ‘wholesome’ alternatives to mainstream makeup products, from mascara and lipstick to foundation and bronzer.

As such, INIKA consciously create their advanced beauty formulas using natural and ethically sourced ingredients. They are Certified Organic, Certified Cruelty-Free, Certified Vegan, Certified Halal and Sustainably Sourced, upholding high standards of quality.

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Discover INIKA Organic...

INIKA’s makeup is completely free from harsh chemicals or perfumes, meaning that it is okay to use even after cosmetic procedures. The brand believes that women who want to use natural makeup shouldn’t have to compromise on the colour, performance or quality – this is why INIKA strive to provide truly effective, clean solutions.

INIKA’s formulations do not contain parabens, genetically modified ingredients, harmful fillers, gluten, lactose or talc. Instead, they contain sublime Australian botanicals and pure minerals that deliver benefits to the skin. Super gentle, INIKA’s products feel light on the skin.

Since launching, INIKA have become globally recognised and have won many beauty awards. In 2016, they won The Gold Green Parent Natural Beauty Award, the Pure Beauty Award and the Natural & Health Beauty Award.

Ones to try:

Inika Certified Organic Natural Concealer: this superb concealer covers blemishes, loss of pigmentation, uneven skin tone and dark circles. The light consistency blends easily to leave a flawless complexion. This product contains certified organic ingredients such as rose hip oil and macadamia.

Inika Mineral Bronzer: this bronzer creates a healthy glowing complexion, leaving your skin with a natural finish, highlighting your cheek bones. Gorgeous tip: Mix the minerals with your favourite moisturiser for an instant tanning effect.

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