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Founded by consumer-product pioneer and innovator, Lisa Claycomb, Genie Beauty have been reshaping the cosmetics industry for the past two decades.

When Lisa’s mum asked her to create a formula that could smooth wrinkles and fine lines in time for a same-evening party, she came up with the much-loved Instant Line Smoother – and so Genie Beauty was born.

'With busy careers, active families, ageing parents, and outside interests, women today expect more from their beauty products. Time-consuming skin care regimes no longer fit in with our busy lives’

Taking on an ‘Instant Benefit’ approach to skin care, Genie formulate their products using high-performance technology, techniques and ingredients. Made with real people in mind, Genie Beauty address common skin concerns, from adult acne to ageing signs.

Over the years, Genie’s Instant Line Smoother has gone on to sell over five million bottles across different continents, and it’s no wonder why. A powerhouse anti-ageing serum, it makes the skin look younger, smoother and firmer. Other popular Genie Beauty products include the ultra-moisturising Dream Cream and the rejuvenating H'eye'drator PLUS Eye Cream.

Genie Beauty also offer ‘Instant Makeup’ to make the life of those with fast-paced careers and active families that bit easier. If you’re looking to add a pop of colour to your complexion, the Make Me Blush is a must. If you’re wanting to volumise and thicken your lashes like never before, go for the Million Dollar Lash Duo.

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