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When realizing your hair is starting to thin or disappear it can be very frustrating, and disheartening. This is why we have an extensive selection of products which are designed to rewind the hair loss process and achieve a thicker head of hair.

Often the key to having great hair, is your scalp. It’s very easy to neglect our scalps as they aren’t visible, but it’s so important to take proper care of our scalps and give them the attention they need, just as we do to our hair. Nioxin have a range of products which are dedicated to your scalp, helping to restore moisture and nutrients which you need, for thicker and stronger hair.

Another way of making your hair like its naturally thicker is by using a powder – American Crew Boost Powder is always a good choice! These sorts of powders are designed to fall to the root to help boost the hair volume. These powders will help your hair achieve a messy hairstyle whilst looking fuller.