Discover Wella Professionals Elements...

Wella's first 'free of' care system, Wella Professionals Elements, works to instantly repair hair and to help prevent against keratin degeneration.

The range has been awarded in the beauty press numerous times, including coveted titles such as ‘best shampoo and conditioner’, ‘best beauty product’ and ‘best in hair’ in countries across the globe.

Inspired by the unique combination of nature and science, this collection is perfect for ingredient-conscious consumers, .

Wella Professionals scientists developed the NuTREE complex enriched with natural tree extract to help protect hair against keratin degeneration and offer up to ten times more keratin production. The NuTREE complex works to target the scalp and hair inside and out to ensure that both act and stay renewed over time, allowing users to experience the powerful life force of trees.

Fan favourites in the range include Wella Professionals Elements Light Renew Conditioner. Lightweight and paraben-free, the conditioner works to strengthen each hair fibre from within, helping to repair and preserve the natural vitality of the hair.

The Wella Professionals Elements Light Renew Shampoo is another Gorgeous Shop best seller, working to renew the moisture of the hair, preserving and nourishing from root to tip, it will ensure hair is left hydrated and cleansed.

As well as Wella Professionals Light Renew Shampoo and Well Professionals Light Renew Conditioner, the range includes Wella Professionals Elements Renewing Mask, a paraben-free repairing mask that preserves and intensively restores the natural inner structure and strength of the hair and Wella Professionals Elements Leave-in Conditioner Spray which helps to detangle and hydrate locks leaving them in fabulous condition.

So if you’re seeking a hair-care range that not only benefits you and your hair, but works toward a better world too, look no further than this naturally-inspired collection from hair-care experts, Wella Professionals.