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Style matters – and KMS know it better than anyone.

The hair-care brand believes that style is a visual language which unites creatives everywhere. They use this truly powerful language to collaborate with their community and collect and curate ideas from the most inspiring places across the globe: urban fashion districts, runways and the streets.

KMS hair products are intuitively organised into a regimen of Start. Style. Finish. They’re influenced by the style KMS see, with input from their incredible community of global creatives and performance delivered by TRIfinity Technology.

"Itʼs how we create. How we relate. While it might not save the world, great style can make your day".

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Founded in 1976, KMS’ first product was the NEFA (Natural Essential Fatty Acids) Shampoo.

After launching their brand with the KMS California shampoo, a new styling and setting gel was introduced, with innovation thermal styling protect launching six years later.

1985 saw the release of one of KMS’ first leave-ins – the brand created a conditioner which provided detangling and moisturising actions which soon became of the company’s greatly successful products.

In 1992 the first KMS California reconstructor was introduced, a product which adds pliability and shine to damaged, brittle and splitting hair.

1995 and 1996 saw the introduction of two game-changing formulas. FLATOUT – a non-chemical relaxer which evolved into their product of today – THERMASHAPE, a straightening crème which provides easy smoothing and straightening whilst protecting the hair from heat. HAIRPLAY was also introduced – a moulding clay still loved by professionals today.

The iconic mattifying product was born later on – HAIRPLAY Dry Wax was developed to deliver a matte finish and has been a best-seller ever since.

In 2016, KMS celebrated 40 years of innovation.

KMS believe in using a hair-care regime comprising START. STYLE. FINISH:

  • START – products include the AHA structure complex, which primes the hair by improving the inside as well as the outside of the hair. This means that STYLE formulas are able to adhere evenly.

  • STYLE – containing innovative shaping blends, each product allows you to unleash your creativity and create the style you want.

  • FINISH – formulated with flexible sealing compounds, FINISH products help to prolong the effects of style products holding for up to 3 days.