About the Brand

Pioneers of natural, vegan and organic skincare, Evolve Beauty have been making significant eco-friendly strides since 2009.

Founded by Laura Rudoe, the British brand lovingly produces small batches in its artisan, wind-powered studio in Hertfordshire. Every formula is carefully considered, designed and made by hand, which translates into absolute freshness. This takes skill, time and care – and the results are worth it.

Evolve Organic Beauty’s level of involvement in the manufacturing process is what really makes them stand out from the crowd. They use dough mixers, blenders and other small-scale tools so they’re more similar to a kitchen than to an industrial production line.

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Discover Evolve Beauty...

Led by nature - and guided by science - Evolve Beauty create truly effective skincare solutions, with uplifting fragrances and luscious textures. They are driven by a strong desire to grow, learn and evolve.

All of Evolve Beauty’s products are made with more than 98% natural ingredients. They do not use any animal-derived ingredients or by-products such as milk or beeswax.

The natural skincare brand believes in full disclosure and transparency when it comes to their ingredients. That’s why every ingredient is meticulously checked to ensure it is ethically and sustainably sourced, biodegradable and GMO free.

‘(…) It is our company ethos to make it as easy as possible to be healthy and green in everyday life. We truly respect our incredible planet and are always looking for new ways to be green.’

Just as their ingredients are thoroughly screened, so is their packaging – Evolve Organic Beauty use recycled packaging for all their products. When it comes to plastic, they use between 75-100% recycled PET plastic, which is fully recyclable. Every piece of paper or card they use is Forest Sustainability Certified (FSC) to help limit deforestation and ensure the sustainable management of forests. Additionally, the brand’s labels and packaging use non-toxic soy and vegetable-based inks.

To date, Evolve Beauty have won over 29 awards – including Beauty Bible Awards 2020 and Beauty Shortlist Awards 2019. Their natural handmade products have been commended by many prestigious organisations – and it’s no wonder why.

Behind this extraordinary vegan-skincare brand, there is a team of 30 talented people. A small group of artisans ensure that every cream, serum and toner meets the highest standards of quality.

Embrace the beauty evolution – with Evolve Organic Beauty.

Natural. Vegan. Cruelty Free. Eco-Friendly. Handcrafted.

Products to Try:

The Hyaluronic Serum from Evolve Beauty is proven to hydrate the skin from within, while plumping-up fine lines and wrinkles. Delicately scented with organic rosewater, this luxurious vegan concoction is a must-have in everyone’s skincare regime.

The bestselling 100% natural Gentle Cleansing Melt works to remove impurities while hydrating your complexion. It contains nourishing baobab oil to soothe the skin, plus natural sugar extracts to create a creamy milk texture. A must.

If you’re looking to enhance luminosity, the Radiant Glow Face Mask makes an indulgent choice. With a blend of raw cacao powder and clay, this Evolve Beauty marvel revitalises, softens and purifies the skin. And the best part? It’s suitable for all skin types.

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