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Founded by Estée and Joseph Lauder, Estée Lauder revolutionised the cosmetics and beauty industry. They first released four products, which included an all-purpose skin cream sold in the beauty salons of Manhattan.

The next major product was the Estoderme Youth-Dew Cream which contained an egg in every jar. After winning the heart of an editor-in-chief of Harper’s Bazzar, the brand became an instant success. 1960 saw major success for Estée Lauder cosmetics as they started to appear overseas, as well selling the very first of their makeup collections.

Still sold today due to high popularity is the Overnight Skin Repair which Estée originally came up with and launched in 1982.

Estée Lauder pride themselves in understanding the needs of every woman, providing high-quality cosmetics in 150 countries around the world.

After Estée passed away in 2004, her legacy was taken over by family members. Estée Lauder has continued to grow as a brand, inspiring women all over the globe. There are several product collections which Estée Lauder now cover – from skin care to makeup, from fragrance to hair care.

The brand has a wide base of great products, from moisturisers and face treatments, to lipsticks and powders, with a stand-out product being: Advanced Night Repair – a serum which is designed to considerably reduce the look of ageing to create a youthful, luminous look. Double Wear is also very popular – it’s a foundation which has the staying power of 15 hours.

“In many ways women share a common language. No matter what our culture, no matter what our background, we understand each other.” – Estée Lauder