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Items 1 to 20 of 32 products

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About the brand

A brand which believes in staying true to the old traditions of sponge fishing, by working with divers, they help to support smaller communities, whilst maintaining their high standard. They ensure they run their company they way in which stays true to their philosophy, their warehouse in Kalymnos continues to collect and sort the raw sponges, whilst their London warehouse still hand process all the sponges – the traditional way of doing things!

They brand not only specialises in sponges, but they have brought out a range of bath care products, names Hydrea London which are all natural to help compliment the sea sponges. To tie in with their high standard when it comes to sponges, Hydrea London became known as one of the highest quality, most ethical brands out there. Hydrea London is now and international brand which supplies only the most luxurious bodycare products.

Unlike other companies out there, Natural Sea Sponges Co. are involved and over see their products, enabling them to have freedom over what details are included in their products. This brand use quality Egyptian Loofas, and Egyptian Cotton for their mitts and pads, this different from the standard Chinese Loofa which is found on the market. Quality really is ensured with Natural Sea Sponge products using a 42 stage processing method, they will always make sure that only the strongest sponges reach their customers. Allowing only the best with Natural Sea Sponge skin care.

Ones to try:

Natural Sea Sponge Black and Cream Body Buffer – a two-tone, super-oft buffer designed to polish and clean the skin using a dense layer of mesh, which helps to create a that luscious lather. This product will leave your skin looking bright and radiant.

Natural Sea Sponge Dual Sided Hand & Nail Brush – this medium strength brush with short angled bristles along the top and longer bristles underneath makes it easier to get to those tougher areas. Hands will feel super-soft after using this to exfoliate and deeply clean both hands and nails.

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