Tanning has become a trend, with everybody wanting gorgeous, sun-kissed skin the fake tan market has grown. After your perfect tan? We have everything you could wish for from your favourite tanning brands – St. Tropez and Bondi Sands.

Whether you’re trying to get your hands on a gradual tanner, with natural results, or a 10-minute tan with deeper, bronzed results, we have the perfect products for you.

Xen-Tan is a unique brand allowing you to wave goodbye to that “fake tan smell”. Are you after a tan with more or an olive tan? Rather than orange? Xen-tan have you covered with that too!

Top Tip: If you’re fake tan is too dark, don’t worry! Just put some coconut oil on, wait 10 minutes and then hop in the shower and exfoliate. The oil helps to lift the tan and make it easier to exfoliate, instantly giving you a lighter tan.

If you want a tan which is a spray, a mousse or a lotion, we have it all. You’re one step closer to finding your holy grail fake tan!