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Brows are the frames of our face, that can dramatically change our appearance. Using the wrong brow shade or over plucking can cause a multitude of issues.

Whether your brows are doing fine on their own or they need a little extra help, here you will find the product which works for you! Brow gel to tame those unruly hairs, a brow pencil to define, or a powder to fill in those sparser areas. We cover everything here at Gorgeous Shop.

If you want a fully kitted out brows then the Billion Dollar Brows sets are for you, including everything you need, from brow pencils, to brushes, to gel.

If you’re looking for a powder to use on your brows, you’re in luck! bareMinerals have pots of lose powder to help define your perfect brows! Simply use an angled or flat brush to achieved your desired look.

Top Tip: To ensure your eyebrows are your perfect frames, use your brow pencil to measure with this 3-step guide:
1. By placing your pencil against the edge of your nostril, and point upright, this will indicate where the start of your brow should be.
2. Keeping your pencil in the same position on your nose, tilt the pencil to go over your pupil to see where your arch should be.
3. Lastly with the pencil still placed at the edge of your nostril tilt it so it is in line with the outside corner or your eye, to see where your brow should end.

Did you know? Brushing through your brows before application will allow you to see where your eyebrows are sparse, if they need a trim and put them in place, ready for product.