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To give you a whole new look we have a wide range of different hair products, whether you’re going for a messy, or sleek look, we have it all.

We have products which help improve the appearance of thinning hair. We also stock an extensive range of styling products including pomades, creams and waxes from American Crew. All designed for a different desired look, some have a matte finish, whilst some help you achieve a slicker look – similar to the king himself! Elvis Presley.

A root-boosting product will help your hair stay in place for longer, especially when it comes to those messy, no-effort hairstyles. Using a small amount of hair powder will mattify and lift the root of the hair slightly, meaning it won’t flop.

With brands dedicated just to men like Men-U we can assure you that you will find all that you need here at Gorgeous Shop, no matter the hair concern.