Discover Móa...

Made in England and inspired by herbal folklore, MOA (Magic Organic Apothecary) is a range of natural and beautifully branded beauty products to heal and repair your skin.

MOA natural skin care products utilise the natural healing properties of herbs, including Achillea Millefolium. Also known as yarrow, this healing herb is utilised in all MOA products to soothe, cleanse, tone, moisturise and revitalise the skin.

The yarrow in MOA products is grown organically in Somerset, with the tiny seeds sown by hand and the harvest collected in the summer months.

The brand understands that herbal extracts and botanical oils not only heal the body, but soothe the mind and spirit too - that's why they use them in each product, imbuing them with therapeutic natural scent.

Firm favourites in the range include MOA The Green Balm. With miraculous healing powers which soothe, nourish and renew dry, itchy skin conditions, every pot of MOA Green Balm is crammed with organic yarrow (Achillea Millefolium), renowned for its healing properties. Key benefits of the balm include:

  • Soothing dry, itchy skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis

  • Healing small cuts, grazes, burns and blisters

  • Soothing insect bites

  • Softening chapped lips

  • Soothing nostrils following a cold

  • Comforting a sore throat when mixed and gargled with water

  • Reducing the appearance of stretchmarks and scars

  • Soothing new tattoos and piercings

With Tea Tree Oil, one of nature’s most powerful antiseptics, alongside beeswax, coconut, sweet almond and soy bean oils help to soften, nourish and protect the skin, the MOA Green Balm (like the rest of the collection) is 100% natural and not tested on animals.

If you’re looking for a cleansing cloth to use alongside your favourite MOA skincare, why not go for the MOA Bamboo Cloth? Luxuriously soft, the cleansing cloth is made with natural bamboo fibre which is naturally anti-bacterial and works with your cleanser to exfoliate and smooth the skin.

So go ahead, get Gorgeous the natural way with MOA.