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Delivering healing care as well as colour solutions, L'ANZA is a salon leading brand in over 40 countries across the globe.

Founded in 1985, L'ANZA is renowned for its ability to repair even the most damaged hair with its technological innovations and powerful natural blends.

Formulated without any carcinogens and never tested on animals, L'ANZA is committed to giving you and your hair the best experience possible.

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Combining the latest, most advanced technology and scientific knowledge with wildcrafted botanicals, L’ANZA create high-performance products tailored to your individual hair type and concerns.

The leading hair-care brand is committed to minimising its carbon footprint. Indeed, L’ANZA believe that hair care is not just about keeping your locks beautiful and healthy – it’s about doing the same for the planet as well.

L’ANZAS professional-standard products are developed and manufactured in the USA. What’s more, they’re free from unnecessary additives and harsh chemicals, including sulfates and parabens.

The brand’s ingredients are consciously sourced from sustainable jungles and rainforests across the globe, promoting a good relationship with nature. These extraordinary ingredients deliver incredible benefits to the hair, such as improved strength and moisturisation.

Award-winning, L’ANZA’s formulas have been recognised by many beauty authorities such as Allure and Good Housekeeping.

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