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Nioxin use advanced technologies to deliver thicker, fuller, denser-looking hair. Their commitment to innovation, supported by research, enables people to combat thinning hair.

The Nioxin approach first began in 1987, when founder Eva Graham experienced thinning hair after the birth of her first child, which prompted her to investigate the idea of treating the scalp with skin-care methods. Until then, people experiencing thin-looking hair had very few options to help with their concerns.

Nioxin's advanced technologies provide real solutions for making the most of the hair you have, transforming the hair care industry and bringing hope and confidence people everywhere.

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Eva Graham’s desire to make people feel good about themselves and their hair, led to the establishment of the now number-one-selling salon brand for thicker and fuller-looking locks.

Nioxin offer a comprehensive program and one-of-a-kind solutions for a tailored treatment that actually works. The brand’s formulas are expertly designed to nourish, fortify and repair thinning hair from its foundation, the scalp.

Nioxin hair-treatment products cater to both men and women. An ideal introduction to the brand, the Nioxin System Kit – System 3 helps to slow down premature thinning in its tracks. Designed to create thicker, fuller hair, System 3 is for those with fine, chemically treated hair in the early stages of thinning. The system kit contains the System 3 Cleanser, the System 3 Scalp Revitaliser and the System 3 Scalp Treatment. Essentially, a Nioxin shampoo, conditioner and treatment.

Other Nioxin best-sellers include the Nioxin Deep Repair Hair Masque. This deep-penetrating hair masque reconstructs damaged hair from within, renewing elasticity and strengthening the hair for better protection against chemical stress. Ideal for dry, damaged, chemically treated, normal to thin hair, this masque strengthens the hair and protects the scalp, encouraging a healthy environment for hair growth.

So, whether you’re experiencing hair loss or thinning following childbirth, or your hair is showing signs of being in the early stages of thinning, or you are in need of styling products that will help boost volume and fullness without weighing your hair down - you’ll find what you need from Nioxin at Gorgeous Shop.