About the Brand

When it comes to caring for natural nails, Jessica is one of the most reputable brands you can choose to assist you.

Founded by “The First Lady of Nail” Jessica Vartoughian, the much-loved nail brand was set up after Jessica realised she had a true talent for the business.

Jessica wanted to focus on the natural nail, and she did exactly that. After working in exclusive nails bars in places like Sunset Boulevard she opened her own salon – the ‘Jessica nail Clinic’.

Today, Jessica Nails is widely known across the globe and has won many prestigious beauty awards, offering high-quality nail polishes, advanced treatments and more.

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Featured Products

Discover Jessica Nails...

Jessica Vartoughian’s nail clinic used the innovative Natural Nail Cultivation System, a system which was designed to analyse nails and prescribe a custom treatment to help repair them. Famous artists and models have their nails manicured at the renowned Jessica Clinic in Los Angeles on a regular basis, as well as being great enthusiasts Jessica Nails’ solutions.

Jessica’s nail-care products come in a variety of different sets which focus on specific nail concerns, such as brittleness, peeling, dryness and damage - to empower everyone take care of their nails.

Jessica Nails also offers expert pedicure products, including a hard-skin remover and a specialist cream for heel repair.

Ones to try:
  • Jessica Nails Phenomen Oil Intensive Moisturiser: this oil helps to make nails and cuticles look and feel healthier. With a variety of ingredients such as jojoba, almond and rice oils, this product is used to rehydrate the nail as well as heal the skin.

  • Jessica Nails Zenspa Revive, Microdermabrasion Foot Scrub: use this scrub to help rejuvenate and refresh your feet. Containing finely ground volcanic pumice powder this microdermabrasion scrub will leave your feet feeling soft, smooth and healthy.

  • Jessica Nails Phenom : these nail varnishes are fast-drying and a provide a gel-like shine without the use of a UV light / lamp. This product allows you to achieve that salon-standard shine in your own home.