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Starting in 2013 with just two employees, FOREO was so revolutionary and unique that the beauty industry created a whole new beauty sub-category just for them, beauty-tech. The very first product from the brand, LUNA sonic is a silicone-based tool created for cleansing skin with spa-like care, now the darling of the beauty world for millions, still to this day. From it home in Switzerland the office and team have grown to dozens of intentional cities of 3,000 employees.

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Founded in 2013 by just a team of two employees in their small Swedish office, FOREO has taken the beauty industry by storm and revolutionised beauty-tech. Now today with 3,000 employees spread around the world, internationally and many more product creations there’s no question as to why FOREO is loved and used by so many.

36 million FOREO products have been sold to more than 75 countries globally. When products work well, they speak for themselves. The very first and most loved FOREO product was the LUNA Sonic, that took on the beauty industry on and came out loved by millions still to this day.

From the creators of the tool that allowed you to have a spa treatment from your own palm then came ISSA, a super-soft, sonic-powered wonder-brush and the UFO the smart mask device, a Gorgeous Shop favourite has brought a new meaning to sheet masks. Revolutionising the beauty-tech industry.

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