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Combining tradition, science and performance, Tisserand bring you the very best in well-being and aromatherapy.

Founded in 1974 Tisserand supply both professionals and enthusiasts with mindfully formulated essential oils, blending oils, body oils and more. Never compromising on quality, the brand uses 100% natural pure essential oils that are either wild-crafted or ethically harvested.

Whether you’re looking for a Total De-Stress Ritual, want to Sleep Better or experience Happy Vibes – Tisserand have got you covered.

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The brand started with Robert Tisserand’s mother introducing him to aromatherapy. When Robert was 15, he started to practise spiritual healing. However, a couple of years later, at 17, he had his lightbulb moment to try and get an essential oil product into every household - to help try and improve people’s health and welfare.

Despite being advised otherwise, Robert started to hand-bottle and distribute the products himself to locals, in his nearest Post Office. In 1984 was when the company was officially born.

Tisserand's Aromatherapy Oils Are...

Certified organic: meaning they are taken from plants, which have been grown without any additional man-made fertilisers, herbicides or pesticides. Wild Crafted essential oils are sourced from plants which are gathered from their natural habitat, these aren’t organic, yet they do not have any added synthetic chemicals, this means they will be growing in a condition which is best for the plant.

Ethically Havested: the essential oil is taken from a herb, shrub or tree, and isn’t harvested in a way which means that species becomes exhausted.

Tisserand Aromatherapy products don’t use any synthetic fragrances - they use essential oils and absolutes instead, meaning it’s all natural. They also make sure not to use SLS/SLES, however, they replace these with natural coconut oil to deliver the foaming aspect to products. They never include parabens in their products, or animal ingredients. They promise to go organic wherever they possibly can.

Ones to try:
  • Tisserand appy Vibes MoodFix Mist: crafted with a natural blend of pure essential oils of Lemon Tea Tree, Bergamot and Nutmeg, this uplifting vegan formula promotes feelings of joy.

  • Tisserand De-Stress Luxury Bath Oil: containing hand-blended oils (used by professionals), this formula allows you to unwind from everyday stress, restoring harmony, calm and well-being.