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Beard Care Routine

Caring for and maintaining your beard is key to ensuring a polished and professional look. Unruly, dull and messy beards are likely to give the wrong impression, that’s why we recommend a daily beard care routine to ensure you always feel your best.

Clean & Cleanse

Firstly, you’ll want to cleanse your beard to rid your hair of any pollution or impurities. It’s easy to forget how much dirt your beard gets exposed to on a daily basis; from being touched repeatedly to pesky crumbs from your lunch!

Washing your beard at least three times a week using a hydrating beard body wash or soap is key to your beard care routine and will leave you feeling clean and fresh. Ensure you pat dry your beard as opposed to vigorously towel-drying to prevent damage.

Oil & Balm

All too often, this step is overlooked. However, oiling your beard is a key part of ensuring that your hair is well groomed and your skin is hydrated and protected. Not only does oil keep your beard hydrated, it also prevents flyaways and reduces dandruff, itchiness and sensitivity. Additionally, beard oil softens your hair and adds a dash of shine to ensure it always looks its best. Beard oils are generally made from a blend of carrier oils and essential oils for a beard care product that has moisturising and antibacterial properties alike.

Similarly, beard balms also aim to lock in moisture, prevent irritation and protect your skin. However, balms have a higher viscosity than oils and are made from ingredients like shea butter and jojoba oil. As the texture of balms is thicker, it takes longer to be absorbed by hair fibres and is akin to a leave-in conditioner that slowly releases hydrating moisture throughout the day.

We strongly recommended using beard oils and balms in conjunction to ensure you are caring for both your hair and skin, in the optimum way.

Application Tips

When it comes to oiling your beard, you don’t want to apply too much product as it will simply make your beard look greasy as opposed to well groomed. We recommend using 3-5 drops and combing it through your beard to ensure even distribution.

Similar to when using beard oil, you only want to apply a small amount of beard balm to your facial hair to add shine and improve softness, without looking drenched!

Brush & Trim

How often should you brush your beard? We’re not sure if you’re going to like the answer but the truth is, everyday! Brushing your beard with a specialist comb or beard brush will help to train your beard hairs to grow in the direction you want. Helping to make your beard more manageable and tidy in the long run.