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Alterna have always taken pride in being innovative and unpolluted.

Combining the best of nature with powerful effectiveness, the brand uses luxurious ingredients such as caviar, sea silk, bamboo and kendi oil to deliver superior results.

Committed to a ‘clean’ philosophy since their debut in 1997, Alterna mindfully formulate their products without using parabens, sulfates and other harsh chemicals.

Alterna elevate the ordinary hair-care experience into moments of self-care that truly transform your locks.

Re-imagine hair care with Alterna.

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Widely recognised, Alterna are focused on providing the best shampoos, conditioners, treatments and styling products for professionals and customers. Their powerhouse formulas boast effective botanicals and other high-quality ingredients, enabling a transformative hair-care routine that’s free of unnecessary additives. As if this wasn’t enough, the brand’s products are also cruelty-free, meaning there’s no animal testing.

Alterna offers a plethora of different collections to suit every hair type and concern. The Caviar Anti-Aging range features product lines such as Restructuring Bond Repair, Replenishing Moisture, Infinite Color Hold and Multiplying Volume. One of a kind, the Caviar Anti-Aging range is powered by caviar extract from the roe of non-endangered sturgeon fish, sustainably farmed in France.

Rich in minerals, vitamins and omega fatty acids, key-ingredient caviar works to restore the hair’s lipid layer back to its optimal state, promoting youthfulness. Inspired by the Science of Skincare for Hair®, Alterna’s Anti-Aging solutions deliver unparalleled hydration, strength, vibrancy and elasticity to every lock.

Empowering both stylists and customers, Alterna’s formulas deliver performance without compromise, using cutting-edge technologies and adopting a philosophy of minimalist development.

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