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Drawing knowledge from Korean, Turkish, Arabic and Japanese traditions, Dermasuri create premium exfoliating solutions to help cleanse and purify skin.

Unlike other scrubs, loofahs or exfoliating products, Dermasuri’s accessories boast a distinctive woven fabric which reaches deeper layers and sloughs off dead cells to reveal healthy-looking skin. This helps combat skin dullness or blotchiness and immediately enhances radiance.

Recognised as Hollywood’s red-carpet secret to luminous skin, the brand’s polishing product line includes face and body mitts, a back scrub and even a neck exfoliator for men.

Exfoliating helps improve skin’s appearance by unclogging pores and tackling ingrown hairs, bumps and blackheads. It can also help improve circulation and lymphatic drainage.

Carefully designed, the brand’s luxurious accessories are easy to use and deliver unbeatable results.

Elevate your beauty rituals with Dermasuri. Gorgeous Shop is an authorised brand stockist.