Discover 72 Hair...

Harnessing the power of professional-grade ingredients and drawing from the knowledge of experienced stylists, 72 Hair makes it easy for your hair to look its best every day.

Founded by a family of reputable hairdressers with salons across the globe (the Greens), the British brand creates truly effective formulas that keep your locks beautiful, shiny and manageable.

No matter your hair type or texture, the hair-care brand’s products are made to give every customer the same perfect result.

‘Beautifully, glossy hair, with minimum effort, every day. That’s the 72 Hair Promise.’

72 Hair believe in keeping things simple. Their range includes shampoo and conditioner as well as a blow-dry cream, a repairing oil and an award-winning replenishing mask, equipping you with everything needed to create a complete, effortless hair-loving regime.

The brand’s products are vegan, meaning they do not contain animal-derived ingredients. They are also cruelty-free and do not contain parabens or sulfates.

72 Hair – FOR THE LOVE OF HAIR. Shop hair-care products online at Gorgeous Shop.