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The answer to youthful skin? Sun protection. Most people forget this crucial step to their daily routine, always wearing sun protection can help to prevent or slow down the appearance of wrinkles or sagging skin, whilst protecting yourself from the harmful rays which the sun gives off.

Luckily for you, here at Gorgeous Shop we understand the importance of sun protection and it’s benefits, so we have an extensive range of products dedicated to giving you the protection you need.

EVY is a unique brand which sunscreens are a mousse consistency, which allows the sun protector to sink deeper into the skin, meaning it has a stronger staying power, so that you’re highly protected all the time. EVY sun cream is also for all skin types and will not leave you feeling sticky or greasy.

Ultrasun is another renowned suncare brand, they have a variety of products which are designed to not only protect you from the sun but boost your tan. They have also thought about your face as well as your body with their tan accelerator – face and body duo. Their sun creams again won’t leave you feeling greasy, but they will restore moisture back to your skin.

We also stock many different brands which have a few products which cover sun care, so you never know you may find your new favourite brand of suncare.