Mineral, to liquid, whatever your preference to your foundation here at Gorgeous Shop we have it all.

Foundation is one of the key ingredients to achieve a flawless look, when not used or picked properly it can ruin a whole look. To help combat this we have foundations which work to give you a dewy finish, to make your skin look flawlessly glowing, as well as products to help give you a matte finish, no matter the skin need, we have a product for you.

The extensive foundation colours which we stock ensure that all skin tones are covered, brands such as bareMinerals have 30 shades, with a spectrum on each shade, warm, cool and neutral tones.

If you have an oily skin type then using a mattifying foundation will benefit your makeup routine, using a primer with a matte foundation will decrease the appearance of an oily complexion. Even oily skin needs moisture, so make sure to moisturise before foundation application. However, if you have dry skin it may be best to use something which is more moisturising and has a dewier finish, and use powder more sparingly.

Is your foundation difficult to apply? Try using a different applicator, if you’re using a flat brush, try using a buffing brush, or maybe even a blending sponge.