La Biosthétique - About the Brand

La Biosthétique embrace a culture of ‘Total Beauty’. This means they find beauty in everything – in the way you do things, in the way you make decisions, in the materials that shape your life.

Inspired by the Parisian charm and perfectly crafted in Germany, La Biosthétique’s products reflect their passion for beauty as well as their commitment to delivering excellent performance and quality.

La Biosthétique create sublime hair, body, and skin-care formulas as well as luxurious makeup.

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Discover La Biosthetique...

La Biosthetique is family-run company known around the globe, based in the fashion capital of the world – Paris. At La Biosthetique, state-of-the-art research is combined with natural ingredients along with a passion for beauty. The brand believes that high quality is a prerequisite for a “Culture of Total Beauty”.

La Biosthetique offer a plethora of advanced formulas, from hydrating serums to volumising shampoos.

Luxurious Ranges
  • Hair care – La Biosthetique believe that hair is a way to express your personality, feelings and style. Having healthy, stunning hair starts with a healthy scalp.

  • Skin Care – La Biosthetique see the skin as the link between our bodies and the outside world. The foundation and aim of every beauty care regime is to have beautiful, healthy skin. All of the brand’s formulas are geared towards this notion.

  • Colour & Makeup – the brand strives to fulfil the delight and passion for current beauty trends. Yet, they always provide the best quality products.

Ones to Try:
  • Botanique Pure Nature Balancing Toner – certified natural and vegan, this perfume-free toner is perfect for balancing and calming reactive skin. Formulated with refreshing aloe vera.

  • Brilliance Creme – with natural lipids from caster oil and beeswax, this indulgent formula helps restore hair shine and smoothness while offering UV protection.