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Hair loss and thinning has become a common hair concern amongst both men and women.

There are various factors that can cause hair to become thinner – genetics, age, stress, medical treatment, environmental aggressors and nutrition and diet.

Here at Gorgeous, you'll find the best hair loss treatments from brands such as Nioxin, Nanogen and L’Oréal Professionnel. These best-selling brands all continue to develop pioneering technologies and ingredients to offer the best treatment for hair thinning and loss.

The first issue to address when treating thinning hair is to ensure you have a healthy, cleansed scalp to remove excess oil and environmental residues that may clog the hair follicle.

As well as shampoos, there is a wide selection of treatments that are rich in key actives such as Stemoxydine, Aminexil and Amino Acids to help densify hair fibre and encourage healthy growth.

Top Tip: Massage treatments into the scalp to encourage blood circulation and promote healthy growth.

Nanogen Thickening Hair Fibres are a great way to create thickness to hair and conceal hair loss and wide partings. These 100% natural keratin fibres merge with your own hair for a natural-looking finish that lasts, even through wind, rain and perspiration

Thinning hair needs to be treated with care to avoid damaging the hair follicle that can lead to hair loss. Be sure to always gently towel-dry hair instead of scrunching or wringing the water out and always brush from the bottom upwards to minimize damage.

Hair thinning and loss can’t always be avoided but we’re confident you’ll find the right treatments for you to maintain hair density for a fuller, thicker appearance.