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Items 1 to 20 of 40 products

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About the brand

Australian Bodycare is the go to brand for tea tree oil related skincare. Australian Bodycare Tea Tree is an essential oil steam which is extracted from the Melalecua alternifolia tree which is grown in Australia. This ingredient has many different properties such as antibacterial, antiseptic, anti-fungi and anti-viral.

Due to it having all these properties it is able to treat a variety of issues, such as blisters, bruises, cold sores, muscular aches, psoriasis, sore throat and toothache, and there is a product for all of those with Australian Bodycare.

Not only can tee tree be used to treat almost all skincare related issues, but it can also be used in a domestic capacity, by adding a few drops to water to clean flooring, work surfaces or other bathroom and kitchen cleaning, you will always be left with home and work surfaces free from germs.

Australian Bodycare skincare choose tea tree as experience has shown that bacteria which grows on the skin uncontrolled may cause both acute and prolonged skin problems. As tea tree is an antibacterial solution it can help overcome this issue.

Ones to try:

Australian Bodycare Tea Tree Antiseptic Wet Wipes – these wipes are the perfect practical product to have on you at all times. Take them with you on family picnics, shopping, a car journey. They are suitable for all the family all the time! Leave your hands feeling fresh and germ free, all thanks to the antibacterial formulation.

Australian Bodycare Body Lotion – the perfect body lotion for all over! Great for post-waxing or other hair removal treatments.

Australian Bodycare Skin Wash – this hand and body wash is okay for everyday use and will leave skin feeling fresh and clean, without drying.

Australian Bodycare Blemish Stick – containing the both Tea Tree and Witch-Hazel both known for fighting spots, this stick will help to reduce your blemishes and the redness that comes with it!

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