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Founded over 35 years ago, Tweezerman are widely recognised for setting high standards of quality, innovation and reliability, creating superior beauty tools and accessories such as tweezers, facial-hair scissors, nail cleaners and much more.

Tweezerman have been an important part of Zwilling Beauty Group since 2012, an impressive trio of brands which cater to a variety of different needs.

Tweezerman are well-known not only to consumers, but also to celebrities and beauty professionals. Their high-performance solutions truly stand out, with cutting-edge designs that deliver maximum precision.

Ones to Try:
  • Tweezerman Super Curl Eyelash Curler – gives you a gorgeous, larger-than-life lashes look. This excellent tool features an extra-wide opening which means every lash is curled to perfection.

  • Tweezerman Slant Tweezer – Tweezerman claim that their Slant tweezer is the finest tool for general use in the world! Many of the world’s leading makeup artists as well as brow artists would agree that the Tweezerman Original Slant is the best for expert brow shaping.

  • Tweezerman Pushy and Nail Cleaner – this stainless steel Pushy has a thin hand-buffed edge which ensures accurate ‘pushing-back’ of your cuticles. The nail cleaning end can be used to clean under and around the nail without scratching and damaging.

  • Tweezerman Tweezermate 10X Lighted Mirror – designed perfectly so that you can visually isolate even the finest hair for precise easy tweezing every time. This Tweezerman mirror also includes an LED light to better illuminate the hair. Perfect for home and travel.