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At CARITA, beauty is much more than skin-deep.

Founded over 70 years ago, CARITA’s story begins with two sisters, Rosy and Maria. The Carita sisters first made their mark on the beauty industry through hairdressing. From running the family salon to opening the iconic House of Beauty, their approach to hairdressing considered facial shape and features to offer a truly personalised experience.

The sister’s concept of ‘Global Beauty’ was at the heart of the House of Beauty. Evolving from hair, they began to create treatments to address the skin and body. Moving away from thick, heavy formulas, they favoured lighter-textures and launched the iconic Fluide De Beaute 14, a super-nourishing dry oil for face, body and hair.

Since the launch of the oil, CARITA have continued to offer a wide range of treatments and products for all skin types, ages and concerns. From targeted serums in the Les Précis range to plumping treatment-masks to detoxifying scrubs, CARITA’s range of products offer a luxurious feel with transformative results.

With a passion for beauty innovation, the House of Beauty developed technological devices to boost the efficacy of their products within their treatments. The CARITA treatment method is based upon 70% on their experts’ hands and 30% on their ground-breaking devices.

Offering an alternative to invasive cosmetic procedures, CARITA use LED technology, ultrasound and micro-currents to address a variety of skin concerns from firmness to uneven skin tone. Bringing professional-standard results to your home, CARITA’s at-home device My C.L.E can be customized to your beauty routine. The first at-home device to combine LED and micro-currents, My C.L.E instantly stimulates muscles for a lifting effect, as well as improving the skins texture.

My C.L.E Results:

  • 85% Feel that their skin was INSTANTLY REVITALISED & RE-ENERGISED

  • 91% Feel that their skin after 1 month looked TIGHTENED, AS IF LIFTED

  • 83% Are convinced by the results and WANT TO ADD MY C.L.E. TO THEIR ROUTINE

To this day, The House of Beauty still remains the home of CARITA and where all new formulas and treatments are created, developed and tested to offer a tailor-made beauty experience with transformative results.