About the Brand

Launched at Åhlens City Stockholm in 2015, Sweed began as a collection of high-quality false lashes designed to upgrade your lash game. Founder of Sweed Gabriella Elio felt that there was a lack of false eyelash assortment in the makeup industry during her years of work as a makeup artist, and after years of research she created Sweed. Sweed now offers supreme-quality false lashes, innovative eye makeup, high performing tools, and nourishing eyelash serum.

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Discover Sweed...

The initial Sweed mission was to create natural looking lashes that you could wear every day in the office without anyone noticing your lashes are false. Since then, Sweed has evolved into a brand used by makeup artists, celebrities and royals alike for their supreme-quality false lashes and more.

Sweed offers an extended collection of eye products, including makeup and tools. Sweed’s award winning Lash Lift Mascara has taken the makeup industry by storm with its innovative wand, and the Eyelash Growth Serum transforms your lashes in the blink of an eye.

Sweed’s goal is to offer lashes for every individual and every occasion. Their selection ensures that everyone can find their perfect lash. Sweed offers classic strips, dramatic 3D lashes, clusters and individuals, as well as eye and brow makeup, lash serum, and tools.

Sweed lashes are sustainable, and can be reused up to ten times. The iconic blue Sweed box is recyclable, and lashes can be stored inside it between wears. Sweed is also strictly vegan and animal friendly.

Gorgeous Shop has Sweed products for your individual needs to upgrade your lashes to the next level.