About the Brand

The epitome of luxury, Roger & Gallet are known for creating the most sophisticated fragrances, drawing inspiration from their Parisian heritage.

Founded in 1862 by French brothers-in-law Armand Roger and Charles Gallet, the brand started as a store at the heart of the City of Light. Nowadays, it distributes its elegant formulas across the globe.

Masters of the art of distillation and layering, Roger & Gallet use precious essences and other natural ingredients to produce distinct scents, from citrus to floral.

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Discover Roger & Gallet...

Nature is at the heart of Roger & Gallet, with their every product containing up to 95% natural ingredients.

Renowned for introducing the 'art de vivre' in Paris, Roger & Gallet create their fragrances together with master perfumers and their bottles with great French designers. What’s more, their product boxes are beautifully decorated with bespoke illustrations.

Every Roger & Gallet perfume, eau de toilette, soap and shower gel is carefully crafted with attention to detail to deliver an unforgettable sensorial experience – let your skin be enveloped in sumptuous aromas and your mind be transported to a place of pure bliss.

For over 150 years, the luxury brand has developed the finest fragrances. Unsurprisingly, it is the official supplier of several royal courts.

Roger & Gallet’s much-loved collections include the refreshing Feuille de Figuier, the comforting Fantaisie and the invigorating Bois D'Orange. There is also the L’Homme range, comprising phenomenal masculine scents including L’Homme Menthe, Cedre and Patchouli.

The brand’s products make excellent gifts for loved ones. From lovingly wrapped soaps to gloriously packaged colognes and well-being waters, treat your family and friends to something truly special.

Ones to Try:

Roger & Gallet never use parabens, silicones, dyes or mineral oils on any of their products.