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Wende Zomnir, a ‘make-up junkie’, founded the business in the mid-90s when she and her ‘co-conspirators’ launched a line of lipsticks and nail enamels which differed from the standard pink, red and beige colour options of the time.

With their popularity and fan base ever increasing, Urban Decay are constantly experimenting with colours and expanding their offering to other make-up formulas, including eyeshadow, foundation and more. Their high-performance products are now sold all over the world.

Urban Decay are confident in their products’ efficacy, and they are always ‘put to the test’. In fact, Wende tests every product herself whilst doing extreme sports such as snowboarding, and surfing.

Urban Decay have something for everyone. If you are after a summery look then the Naked palette is for you. With a range of matte and shimmery golden tones, this luxurious palette lets you create the perfect bronzed look.

Naked3 has many rose, pink and champagne shimmers along with some neutral mattes which allow you to achieve a pretty look. Naked2 is the most neutral of all the palettes. With a range of different taupe coloured eyeshadows, you can go dramatic or subtle. If you want more colour then the Moondust Palette is perfect, with a bright range of colours, you can’t go wrong. A palette which gives you both the choice of natural and bold is the Ultimate Basics palette, this has a deep brownish red named Lethal along with a burnt orange named Extra Bitter. This palette does, however, come with toned-down mattes such as taupes and neutral browns.

“Makeup is about self-expression, it’s not about covering your flaws, but showing the world who you are” – Wende