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In 1990, Biolage was born from the mind of hairdresser and entrepreneur Arnie Miller, who saw the opportunity to bring out hair’s natural beauty with a touchable finish and fluid movement. Since its conception, the brand has been inspired by natural ingredients and known for its iconic white packaging and signature fragrance.

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Biolage launched in 1990, when founder Arnie Miller saw that nature could be harnessed to protect and nourish hair. Today, Biolage is recognised worldwide as a leading player in the professional natural hair-care industry. That reputation only continues to grow, with the brand continuously improving, taking inspiration from skincare innovations and harnessing the power of botanicals.

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Naturally healthy hair has never looked, smelt or felt better, all thanks to Biolage.

Discover the brand's sublime ranges, including Advanced Oil Renew, Scalpsync, Smoothproof. Whatever your hair type, there’s a Biolage formula for you.