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The 10 Truths About Clay Masks



Jess O'Sullivan

Clay masks are one of our hair care hero ingredients - Versatile for all hair types, they can be used to nourish, repair and even boost volume!

Here are the 10 truths about clay masks…

  1. Fine hair consumers can use hair clays. It is down to how lightweight the clay is and how much you scoop out of the tub.
  2. Clay can be used in masks and in conditioners. The clay type and richness used in conditioners and masks can vary depending on the hair concern targeted by the product and the ingredients used alongside.
  3. Some types of clays are most sustainable than others and can be sustainably sourced in a fair trade environment like Moroccan clay uses in R.A.W conditioners and two of our intensely indulging masks.
  4. Clays are vegan as they are not derived from animal origin.
  5. Different clays can be layered with other types of clay depending on brands. Fine hair consumers can use the R.A.W Uplift mask to bring body, lift and bounce to your roots and the R.A.W Re-hydrate mask for shine and moisture on mid-lengths and ends.
  6. Clays can be applied to hair for overnight nourishment, hydration and smoothness for those locks that need extra TLC. Make sure you protect your pillow though!
  7. Clays can be biodegradable depending on the sourcing process and how close to their normal shape, they are. The lesser they are processed with chemicals the higher its percentage of biodegradability. Hence, the R.A.W masks are 97% natural and up to 99% biodegradable.
  8. Clay masks can be used as often as your hair needs it. Extremely damaged hair might need extra replenishment and care, which means you might use the masks up to 2 to 3 per week.
  9. Clay masks when used alongside clay conditioners might weight down the hair. It is best to alternate your regimes during the week!
  10. Clay masks can be left on hair longer than 5 min depending on how damaged and dry the hair is.

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