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“Creating something that is universally beautiful, that is art”- Shu Uemura

Rooted in avante-garde luxury and creativity, Shu Uemura perfectly balances craftsmanship, nature and science to create luxurious products that celebrate the natural beauty of hair.

The Shu Uemura Art Of hair range features an extensive collection of natural hair care products designed to suit every hair type. The unique formulas and premium Japanese ingredients have been continuously refined over the years to provide state-of-the-art hair care and styling products that truly celebrate the artistry of beautiful hair.

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Discover Shu Uemera: The Art Of Hair

Founded by legendary hairdresser and makeup artist Mr. Shu Uemura back in 2007, the Art Of Hair range combines innovative technology with premium natural ingredients to provide the best possible care for your hair, no matter what.

Shu Uemura’s passion for nourishing hair and protecting our natural oils, has led to an innovative range of hair care products that utilise natural ingredients. Natural oils such as argan, camellia, neroli and moringa provide rejuvenating and healing qualities in addition to adding shine, enhancing strength and hydrating hair fibres. Additionally, unique Japanese ingredients such as white peony extract, rice water and deep-sea water contain antioxidants, vitamins and amino acids to restore damaged hair.

The brand itself is hugely influenced by contrast and juxtapositions within the city of Tokyo. Shu Uemura finely balances simplicity with sophistication, tradition with modernity and precision with creativity, just as the city does.

Discover Shu Uemera: Gorgeous Shop Recommends

Whether you have weakened, damaged hair or are simply looking for natural ingredients to make your hair shine every single day, we’ve got you covered.

For Colour Treated Hair

If your colour treated hair is in need of some gentle care and attention, the Art Of Hair Color Lustre Shampoo and Conditioner Duo is the one for you. Infused with musk rose oil and goji berry extract, the carefully formulated shampoo balances your scalp oils by gently cleansing whilst the conditioner protects against damage and colour fade. Ensuring that your hair remains healthy, shiny and radiant, for longer!

For Damaged Hair

For damaged or weakened hair, the Art Of Hair Ultimate Reset Conditioner will smooth, nourish and repair hair fibres from the inside out. Infused with lotus and ceramide technology, a careful balance of nature and science, this conditioner will strengthen hair whilst maintaining elasticity, for beautiful, healthy hair with a soft finish.

For Dry Hair

If you’re guilty of using excessive heat on your hair or if you’ve simply neglected your locks and they’re in need of a large dose of moisture, the Art Of Hair Urban Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner Duo is exactly what you need. If that doesn’t do the trick alone, the deep conditioning Urban Moisture Masque is sure to transform your dull, dry hair into enviable radiant and shiny locks.

Alternatively, the Art Of Hair Essence Absolue is a unique, nourishing protective oil that hydrates and replenishes moisture in dry, damaged hair. So you can get back to feeling your confident self, quickly.