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Lovely looking nails starts with nail care. Sometimes with our busy lives we forget to look after our nails. That’s why Gorgeous Shop have picked out only the best products, to take those nails from dull and brittle to healthy and bright.

Everyday our nails endure the demands of everyday tasks. Brands such as Tweezerman, Jessica and OPI have made looking after your nails easier.

Use Tweezerman’s Pushy and Nail Cleaner to help push back those cuticles before applying nail polish to make sure your nails look their best, it also makes it easier to apply polish to your nails.

We have you covered with our Jessica Nail care sets, covering dry, brittle and peeling nails, your nails will never have looked better!

If you have ridged nails, no worries. The Jessica Nails Flawless hides any ridges or imperfections you may have on your nails.

Did you know? Picking the right emery board is important when maintaining the strength and health of your nails. Choosing the wrong file can separate layers of your nail resulting in brittle and peeling nails. Yet if your make the right choice, using an emery board may allow your nails to grow and strengthen.

Top Tip: Use the Jessica Nails Phenomen Oil inbetween each removal and application of nail varnish to restore essential oils to your cuticle and nails which may be stripped from using nail polish remover.

Use the OPI Nail Corrector Pen to give your nails that professionally groomed look! This pen has a fine tip which makes it easier to remove any nail varnish mishaps. Your nails will have never looked so perfect!