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Founded in 2012, Super Facialist create targeted skincare products that deliver real results. Developed by a team of exports, the brand gives you all the tools needed for you to care for your skin– and “Be Your Own Super Facialist” from the comfort of your own home.

Made with scientifically backed ingredients and technology, the brand’s formulations help you achieve skin balance and health. Whether you’re looking for anti-ageing cream, a plumping serum, or a detoxifying face mask – trust Super Facialist to elevate your beauty rituals.

Years of research have gone into the development of each and every product, so you’ll see and feel the difference on your skin.

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No two complexions are the same, and Super Facialist know this better than anyone. Harnessing the power of safe, effective actives, they create different solutions tailored to your skin type, concern and goal. If you’ve got sensitive skin, the Rose Hydrate collection is the perfect choice. Boasting rosehip as well as other super ingredients, Rose Hydrate formulas provide the gentle, nurturing care your complexion needs. Whether you’re looking for a facial oil (there’s an award-winning one!), or a calming, creamy cleanser, the brand has got you covered.

For those with oilier skin that is prone to acne and blemishes, the brand has created a purifying line (SA Anti-Blemish) with salicylic acid. A true multi-tasker, salicylic acid helps unclog pores, reduce inflammation, break down pimples, and much more. Here at Gorgeous Shop, we love the SA Anti-Blemish Pore Purifying Clay Mask – it’s made with acacia honey, Dead Sea mud and avocado oil for the perfect at-home facial detox. You can apply it once or twice weekly to remove toxins, dirt and excess oils.

If you’re concerned about skin ageing, Super Facialist can help – with retinol and hyaluronic acid formulations that tackle wrinkles, imperfections, fine lines and age spots. The HA Firming range is best suited for skin that’s showing its first ageing signs, while the Retinol+ Anti-Ageing collection consists of powerhouse targeted solutions with vitamin A.

Let’s not forget vitamin C. An increasingly sought-after ingredient, it can be found in the brand’s Brighten line, comprising illuminating and renewing formulas such as a glow-boosting night cream and a dark-circle-reducing eye cream.

You can mix and match products from different collections to create a completely personalised beauty regimen.

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