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Powered by patented medical skin-care technology and manufactured in Sweden, EVY’s sunscreen mousse formulas are truly revolutionary.

Besides offering superior and long-lasting protection against UVA and UVB rays, the brand’s specialist sun creams are specially developed for sensitive and hypersensitive skin. In fact, they are even recommended for people with sun allergy, eczema or albinism, boosting the skin’s defences against heat, water and wind stress as well as against irritants such as soap and algae.

EVY have SPF solutions for the whole family, including award-winning children’s sunscreens.

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'Our long-term vision is to reduce disease of ignorance - the unnecessary skin cancer, while making it possible for everyone to be able to enjoy the suns beneficial rays. We believe that this product is a national pride and want to spread it around the world'.

Unlike many traditional sunscreens, EVY’s patented formula doesn’t just stay on the skin’s surface – it spreads across its entire outer layer. That’s why it doesn’t rinse off with water, towel-drying or even sweat. What’s more, EVY’s core formula aids the skin in protecting itself against several chemicals found in soaps and chlorinated water.

EVY’s unique, non-greasy and gentle mousse sunscreen can be applied around the eyes, on the lips and on the scalp. Free of preservatives, fragrance and alcohol, EVY is specially formulated to be used on sensitive skin and can be applied on all skin types. In fact, EVY is highly recommended for people who are allergic to the sun as well as for those who suffer with sensitivity to sunscreen.

To help enhance the effect of antioxidants and other active substances as well as stimulate the production of melanin, the brand also offers a Daily Tan Activator. Working to strengthen the skin’s barrier, this expert formula prevents dehydration and prepares the skin for the stresses of summertime.

EVY’s products are carefully manufactured in Sweden. They are all vegan except for the Daily UV Face Mousse SPF30 which contains collagen and silk extracts.

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