La Biosthétique Homme Hair Beard Body Wash 200ml

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Ideal for: Conditioning, hydrating cleansing of skin, hair and beard with just one product.

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The Hair Beard Body Wash gently cleanses and ensures lasting freshness. The skin becomes soft and smooth while showering because the energising complex of minerals activates cell respiration and regeneration. This special formulation is gentle to skin and hair. 

The moisturising active ingredient of brown algae, microalgae and seawater minerals forms a protective coating on the skin and hair, and noticeably protects against dehydration.

In the hair the Hydro-Protect complex has a conditioning effect, provides volume and ensures that the hair becomes less brittle, whilst the beard hair feels soft and wonderfully smooth.

See individual product label for directions of use.
Energising cleansing gel for body, hair and beard. Gently cleanses without dehydration.


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