La Biosthetique Long Hair Protective Hair Mask 150ml

Ideal for: Protecting and strengthening long hair.

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Rebuild the hair from within with La Biosthetique Long Hair Protective Hair Mask , this ultra nourishing mask strengthens the hair for increased resilience and combats hair breakage.

Long hair needs extra care, providing your hair healthy and strong then one hair can grow for about seven years. Protective Hair Mask ensures that you hair is protected and nourished to promote healthy hair growth and minimise split ends.

Enriched with rapeseed oil glycerides, jojoba and sunflower wax, for intense smoothing and calming the hair on the surface, also providing protection from fizziness and moisture loss. Wheat bran extract neutralises pollutants and reduces the deposition of damaging particles. Resulting in restored hair elasticity, strength and shine.

A clinical study confirms 80% less hair breakage compared to untreated hair and up to 65% less hair breakage compared to a hair mask without the Long Hair active ingredients*.

*Result of a clinical study, measurements on human hair with 5,000 comb strokes, source: Test report of the DWI Leibniz Institute for Interactive Materials"


Rapeseed oil amide, Inulin, Cationic guar, Glucose polyphenol, Rapeseed oil glyceride, Wheat bran extract, Jojoba and sunflower wax

After washing, evenly distribute into the hair. As express hair care leave in for 2–5 minutes, as deep-conditioning hair care leave in for 10–15 minutes. The longer the activation time, the more intense the penetration of the active ingredient molecules that first deposit themselves on and then in the hair. After the activation time, rinse well.

La Biosthetique Long Hair range protects and strengthens your hair long from root-to-tip.


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