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The 3 Signs of Thinning Hair



Katherine Chambers

Katherine Chambers

With thinning hair affecting 50% of men and women, why aren't we talking about it more? Identifying the three signs of hair thinning can help you find a tailored treatment that works.

By understanding the signs of thinning hair, you can find a solution that works for you. NIOXIN, with their skincare-inspired approach, offer customised technologies to help restore hair to its beautiful best. It’s time to restore thicker, fuller-looking locks, and your confidence.

Advanced Care

By following the direction of premium skincare, NIOXIN supply advanced care to tackle the signs of thinning hair – derma, density and diameter.

Understanding that the scalp’s an extension of facial skin and therefore requires the same treatment, NIOXIN‘s products work to strengthen, nourish and repair hair from its foundation. A healthy scalp creates healthy hair, so tackling thinning hair begins here.


Creating a healthy scalp environment is key to fuller locks. A build-up of sebum or products will block hair follicles, preventing new hair coming through. Over time, this lack of growth will make hair look increasingly thin.

To support healthy hair growth, the scalp should be clean and free from debris, which enables healthy, deep-rooted hair.


Find you have fewer hair strands? This is one of the first signs of thinning hair. Resulting in gaps, fewer hair strands leaves the overall silhouette of hair appearing thinner.

Hair has three growth phases, and in order for the newest hair to mature, the scalp needs to be clean and hair needs to be protected from damage and breakage. NIOXIN provides 3D effects for thicker, fuller hair, whilst removing follicle-clogging sebum from the scalp.


Finer hair strands are a clear sign of thinning hair. This often means that lower keratin is present, meaning the hair structure is weak and less able to control its own weight. Leaving hair looking flat or fluffy, fine hair immediately makes locks look lacklustre.

When hair goes through a full lifecycle, it looks fuller and thicker. This lifecycle can be cut short due to factors such as stress levels, health and living environment. This prevents hair from maturing, causing it to appear smaller and finger. NIOXIN‘s 3D solutions help by reducing hair loss due to breakage.

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