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Daisy Churchward

Daisy Churchward

Always wishing for an extra 10 minutes or bed? Or perhaps you're the type of person who wants a bit of extra time in the gym each day? Or if you're anything like #TeamGorgeous, an few extra scrolls through Instagram whilst having breakfast...?

If so, KMS Thermashape Quick Blow Dry is the perfect addition to speed up your morning.

There’s no surprise Quick Blow Dry is a Gorgeous Best-Seller as it can speed drying time by up to 50%!

The light conditioning formula means the styling must-have leaves no ‘product-like’ feeling in the hair. It helps to reduce friction when blow-drying but also helps to speed up hair when air-drying.

How to use Quick Blow Dry:

  1. Shake product well, spray onto hair through the lengths and ends of hair.
  2. Follow by either blow-drying or letting hair to air-dry.

How does it work?

  • AHA structure complex
  • Lactic Acid, Malic Acid – supports internal reconstruction
  • Polyquaternium-11 – evens out the hair surface
  • Methylal – supports evaporation of water


See  how it’s used in action…

& It’s a 5* Rated Product!

See what our customers have to say…

Review by: NANNYNON, 13/08/2017

Morning rush? This product is for you!
Wonderful product. Speeds up drying but leaves hair so silky. If l am going out for the day I spritz my finished hair and it holds it in place with a natural look.

Review by: SCOTTY, 10/07/2017

Best quick blow dry spray in the market!

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Join Yoga with Adriene on Youtube for a quick 10 minute stretch. This playlist’s sequences are all under 10 minutes so if you feel like you need a little bit of stress relief, or a productivity boost, head over to Yoga with Adriene.

Prep Yourself To Health!

Spend your 10 minutes in the kitchen prepping a healthy salad. By making your own lunch, you know exactly what ingredients are going into it, whereas a shop-bought salad might have a few hidden nasties.

Get Pinteresting

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Get Some Zzzzz…

Everyone can do with an extra bit of sleep each night, set that alarm 10 minutes later & you’ll *hopefully* feel a little more refreshed.

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