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Is Your Hair In Need Of A Summer Refresh?



Nicole Walker

Dry, damaged or limp hair in need of a summer refresh? Here’s a round-up of some of the best products for boosting your hairs volume and moisture as well as your confidence this summer.

For dry hair that needs hydration:

The KMS MoistRepair range is excellent for bringing hair back to health. Dry hair can cause further issues such as brittleness and breakages, so treating dry hair is essential. The KMS MoistRepair formula helps to replenish moisture and prevent future damage whilst restoring the hair’s natural protective coating.

KMS MoistRepair Leave-in Conditioner doesn’t weigh you down and can be spritzed into towel-dried hair for an instant hit of hydration. Plus, the more hydrated your hair, the better behaved it will be in the summer heat to come. Follow with the KMS Conscious Style Multi-Benefit Spray so you can feel confident those midday temperatures won’t ruin your hair’s natural bounce. The spray boasts benefits such as lightweight hold, hydration, elasticity and heat protection. As well as this 79% of ingredients are of natural origin and 91% biodegradable.

For fine hair that needs volume:

Add incredible volume, body and bounce to fine hair with the KMS AddVolume range. The body building range builds strength and fullness into hair leaving your locks lusciously thick and voluminous. KMS AddVolume Shampoo expertly eliminates impurities whilst strengthening and lifting fine, limp hair to leave it looking thicker and fuller. 

For weak hair that needs strength:

Goldwell Dual Senses Bond Pro is specially developed for weak, fragile hair that is prone to breakage. The result? Strength and resilience. The 60s Treatment is ideal to strengthen the hair fibre up to 100% in just one minute!

For damaged hair that needs repairing:

Goldwell Dual Senses Rich Repair restores even severely damaged hair structures and awakens the shine of natural hair. Goldwell Dual Senses Rich Repair Restoring Shampoo is as gentle as water yet super effective and the unique fade stopping formula minimises colour fading with every use.

How else can I prevent damaged, dry and limp hair?

As we know a quality shampoo and conditioner is super important for hair health, but they’re not the only thing that can provide you with a summer refresh. Here’s some other things you can do to prevent damage, limp and dry hair this summer:

  • Treat your hair like your skin and keep it hydrated by drinking plenty of water.
  • Invest in regular trims to keep split ends in check before they spread up the strands, leaving hair dull and unmanageable.
  • Get into the habit of a weekly intensive hair treatment to hydrate dry hair.
  • Keep heated styling to a minimum – turn down your hairdryer and ditch the straighteners. Warmer days are the perfect time to let your hair air dry. Here at Gorgeous we recommend using a Micro-Fibre Towel to dry your hair after cleansing and conditioning because they create less friction, leading to less breakage when hair is wet and at its most vulnerable. We love NOUGHTY Little Saviour Microfibre Hair Towel Wrap. Remember, gently pat out the water when you dry and don’t rub. Treat your hair like a delicate fabric.

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