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How It Works

Healthy hair starts at the roots. Kérastase’s Genesis collection includes a range of products from shampoos and conditioners to intense treatment masks, serums and creams. Each product is equipped with its own unique benefits and when combined, provides a superior hair care routine that prevents and reduces breakage that leads to hair fall.

Hair fall can affect both women and men at any stage throughout their lives, for a number of different reasons. Kérastase’s dual-action approach to treating hair fall due to stress and breakage is one of the most innovative out there. Enriched with Edelweiss Native Cells, Ginger Root and Aquaxyl, the Genesis hair care treatment not only envelops the hair in rich nutrients to reinforce the fibre’s natural strength and reduce breakage, it also targets weakened roots. This dual-action approach reduces the risk of hair fall and leaves you with beautiful, strong and healthy hair.

The Recommended Routine:

  1. Bathe in Kérastase Genesis shampoo to remove pollution, sebum and grease
  2. Treat with Kérastase Genesis conditioner to nourish and detangle
  3. Defend with Kérastase Genesis blow-dry cream to detangle, hydrate and provide protection
  4. Boost with Kérastase Genesis serum to fortify the scalp and encourage growth

When using the Kérastase Genesis products in the recommended routine, hair strength and resilience is improved and can lead to 84%* less hair loss due to breakage.