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The Ultimate Overnight Hair Care Routine Kérastase



Madi Cardoso

We share the perfect evening hair care routine according to the experts at leading brand, Kérastase.

Getting into a hair care routine is key to maintaining healthy and luscious locks, all year round. Whilst you probably already have a dedicated morning routine, have you thought about preventing damage whilst you sleep? The answer is, not many of us take advantage of this time to truly care for our hair! 

That’s why we’ve gathered the top tips for the ultimate nighttime routine, from the experts at pioneering hair care brand, Kérastase.  

Why is an evening hair care routine important? 

Just like your skin, your hair can also benefit greatly from the right nighttime regime. Sleeping gives your hair a chance to rest and recover from a busy day and also provides the perfect opportunity for cosmetic treatments to work their magic, whilst you catch some z’s!  

Make the most of your beauty sleep by creating and following a complete nighttime care routine that hydrates and nourishes your locks, whilst preventing damage and breakage. 

Why Kérastase? 

Driven by advanced science and the finest quality ingredients, each Kérastase hair care product is expertly formulated to maximise the benefits to both the scalp and hair, for effortlessly beautiful, radiant and healthy locks that you can feel proud of. 

Each shampoo, conditioner and treatment is engineered with a different hair type or concern in mind. Whether you want to improve shine, reduce split ends or maintain colour vibrancy, there’s a unique product tailored to your needs. 

Rooted in professional hair care routines and rituals that are tailored to specific hair concerns, who better to provide expert advice on the perfect nighttime hair care regime? 

The Overnight Routine 

No matter what hair category your locks fall into, everyone should be implementing these top tips into their daily bedtime routine to prevent damage and provide nourishment. 

  1. Brush before bed: Besides detangling and removing knots, brushing your hair before bed also nourishes your lengths and ends with natural oils from your scalp. Ensuring your locks are thoroughly hydrated and moisturised throughout the night. 
  1. Treat your hair overnight: Overnight treatments are perfect for those who are short on time as they can easily be applied before bed and provide much-needed hydration to your hair, whilst you sleep. 

The Kérastase Nutritive 8h Magic Night Serum is the perfect hair care solution for providing long-lasting nourishment to restore softness and shine, without weighing hair down. Enriched with iris root extract and 5 essential vitamins, this intense treatment ensures that your locks never have a dull moment!

How To Apply

  1. Use 2 to 4 pumps, depending on the length and thickness of the hair.
  2. Apply on lengths and ends of towel-dried or dry hair.
  3. Leave overnight with no need to rinse in the morning.
  1. Sleep with silk:  Switch to silk pillowcases and scrunchies to prevent static hair and any unwanted friction that can lead to weakness, breakage and tangles. Silk pillowcases are proven to be extremely effective for restoring the strength and hydration of your hair as they help your hair fibres to retain moisture from your natural oils and hair treatments alike.
serum treatment for night hair-care routine

Overnight curls 

For those with naturally curly hair, an overnight hair care routine is nothing short of essential for maintaining lustre, shine and definition. 

  1. Treat: First things first, apply the brilliant 8h Magic Night Serum as directed above.
  2. Twist: Next, twist your individual curls around your fingers to create that all-important definition.
  3. Tie: Tie your hair in a very loose ponytail (preferably with a silk scrunchie) on the top of your head to reduce friction between individual strands and your pillowcase as this is what creates frizz and causes damage to hair fibres. 
  4. Sleep: Now it’s time to relax! Whilst you sleep, the magic serum will moisturise and nourish your hair 
  5. Ready to go: Wake up, remove your scrunchie and start your day with perfectly curled and textured hair. With no need to rinse, it’s as simple as can be! 

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