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Split into 3 sub-ranges; Architecte, Therapiste and Extentioniste, the Resistance range addresses all conditions and stages of damaged hair. Hair will be stronger, more resilient and breakage will be significantly reduced. Hair is given the strength to stave off external and environmental aggressors for constant care and protection.

The Pro-Keratin formula repairs the damaging effects of heat styling and chemical processes prevent future splitting and breaking.

The key ingredient in Architecte and Therapiste is Sève de Résurrection. The resurrection plant can survive extreme conditions (of dryness and dehydration) and has the capability to resurrect itself within 24 hours of watering after 10 years of near death.

Architecte – Brittle damaged hair with split ends – Erosion levels 1 to 2 As one of the best-selling Kérastase ranges, Architecte addresses the first stages of brittle, damaged hair with split ends. The strengthening shampoo works to reinforce weakened hair fibre without weighing it down. 

Therapiste – Very damaged, Over-Processed Hair - Erosion levels 3 to 4 Ideal for very damaged, over-processed hair, the Therapiste range is suitable to revive fine, medium or thick hair types. Hair quality is improved, looks healthier and is protected from further damage.

Extentioniste - Length strengthening care for weakened hair prone to breakage Great for those with longer hair or those looking to grow their hair, Extentioniste works to reinforce the internal structure of the hair and seal the cuticle to prevent breakage and split ends for healthy growth.