Trilogy Vitamin C Brightening Duo

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This Trilogy Vitamin C Brightening Duo is made up of the Trilogy Vitamin C Booster Treatment 12.5ml and the Trilogy Vitamin C Moisturising Lotion 50ml.

Trilogy Vitamin C Booster Treatment 12.5ml

This intense 2-week brightening treatment with 6% high-potency natural vitamin C that's freshly activated when you begin your treatment. The Antioxidant powerhouse vitamin C kickstarts the skin’s renewal processes that help improve brightness, pigmentation and skin tone. 

Its potency depends on freshness. To ensure optimal skin benefits, ingredient components are kept separate until you start your treatment.

Once activated, fresh vitamin C powder is mixed with the hyaluronic acid concentrate to create a booster treatment that helps brighten and smooth skin, while daisy extract illuminates and rosehip oil nourishes.

Trilogy Vitamin C Moisturising Lotion 50ml

Embrace luminosity and put dullness at bay with an illuminating moisturising lotion which is suitable for all skin types.

The antioxidant rich vitamin C promotes brighter, more even skin tone, rosehip hydrates, daisy extract illuminates to help reduce pigmentation, while refreshing mandarin oil awakens the senses with a light, sweet scent. 


Use twice a day for two weeks.
Visibly boost your glow using this treatment and moisturiser twice per day for 2 consecutive weeks.


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