Spotlight Oral Care Water Flosser

Ideal for: Cleansing between teeth and gum line.

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Everyday flossing for those of us struggling with traditional floss.

Spotlight Oral Care Water Flosser helps to improve dental health and reduce bacteria with a cleanser and fresher mouth.
Featuring a combination of water pressure and various pulsations to provide plaque removal 5 times more effective than manual flossing, whilst stimulating gums to improve circulation.

Spotlight Oral Care Jet Tip is ideal for people with braces, implant, crowns, sensitive gums, whitening and daily cleaning. With a gentle approach to traditional floss and helps to reduce inflammation and bleeding gums.

Maintains a white smile
Deep cleans in two minutes
Reduces bacteria below the gumline

Water Flosser - 190ml water tank
Flosser tips x 4
Type G electrical plug for charging (British three-pin plug).


Water pressure of 80-160 PSI

Easy to fill 190ml water tank

360 rotating nozzle

Compact, cordless, and rechargeable

Fill the water tank with lukewarm water and close the seal shut. Place the tip inside your mouth, lean over the sink and turn the unit on. Aim the tip at the gumline and work your way from your back teeth towards your front teeth, spraying water along the gumline. Floss both front and back of each tooth, pausing briefly between each tooth.
Partially close your mouth to minimise water splashing, letting the water flow out of your mouth into the sink.

Cleansing deeper than a toothbrush and traditional flossing is unable to reach.


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