&SISTERS Organic Cotton Pads, Heavy/Night 10 Pack

Ideal for: Night-time & heavy-flow days.

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Better for your body, our planet and for womankind.

Consciously made from natural, certified-organic cotton, &SISTERS Pads with Wings provide reassuring comfort, a secure fit and effective protection. Designed to enhance your wellbeing, these premium pads are carefully woven to allow for maximum absorbency.

Hypoallergenic and pH-neutral for sensitive skin. Vegan-friendly. No synthetics, harmful chemicals, perfumes or plastic.

Pads are individually bio-wrapped in biodegradable film wrapper made from cornstarch.

HEAVY absorbency - perfect for night-time and days of heavy flow.
Contents: 10 x Heavy/Night Pads with Wings

Materials: 83% certified organic cotton (the absorbent cotton pad) and 17% biodegradable biopolymer derived from cornstarch (the waterproof back sheet). Bio-Wrapper: Biodegradable film wrapper made from cornstarch. Box: Recyclable card.

Please follow product instructions.

&SISTERS products are endorsed by medical professionals, recommended by specialists and used by over 30 Olympic Sports Women.


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