Sigma Beauty Sigma Switch Travel Size

Ideal For: Taking on your travels to clean your brushes throughout creating your make up looks.

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A travel-friendly version of Sigma's game-changing Sigma Switch. Helps you switch shades without switching brushes Double-sided design with textures for different formulas Allows you to switch from a dark shade to a light shade without having residual colour mixing.

Key benefits:
• No more wiping your brushes on your hand or paper towels
• Double-sided design to maximize use
• Saves you time during your morning makeup routine
• No water or cleanser necessary
• Great for creating a look with multiple shades
• Doubles as a brush cleaning mat when paired with a SigMagic® cleanser
• Specific textures for eyeshadow, blending, cream, blush and highlight to help you stay organized and avoid mixing formulas
• Better for your brushes than competitor products that beat powder out of your brushes which causes damage and shedding
• Easily fits in your makeup bag

First, apply the makeup shade of your choice. Move the brush bristles along exclusive textures to remove color. Use a back and forth motion for pressed powder products like blush, highlighter, contour/bronzer, eyeshadow, etc. Use a circular motion for cream or liquid formulas and eyeshadows on softer, less-dense blending brushes. Now, the brush bristles should be free of residual color. Note: There may still be color stains (but no residue) on the bristles. Select the next makeup shade of your choice and apply it using the same brush. Once both sides of the mat are covered in makeup residue, wash it with SigMagic® Brushampoo™ Liquid or Foam.

A new and innovative way to level up your make up looks, chop and change between products on the same brush with the Sigma Switch.


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